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Regular Housekeeping and Maintenance Services for Elderly

It’s been a busy time of year. All of the shuffling, logistics, and transportation involved during the holiday season tend to leave routines shifted and regular duties unattended. Your loved ones have been jockeyed from house to house and their focus has shifted from routine to non-routine activities.

Due to this shift, one of the first and quickest things to slip is regular housekeeping and maintenance. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most inconvenient tasks to leave undone. An untidy household can leave seniors confused and spending excess time locating items. This scenario is not ideal for older citizens, especially those with memory loss or mobility loss.

Though household maintenance may seem like a never-ending battle, there is a solution, and Caregivers by WholeCare is here to help. Our light senior housekeeping and errand services can help keep your loved one’s routine in check and alleviate the stress and time involved with household maintenance.

A tidy home is a happy home!

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