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The Premier Homecare Company in Middle Tennessee



Welcome, We’re So Glad You’re Here

We’re Caregivers by WholeCare, and we’re so happy you found us. Established in 1997, we are the premier holistic homecare agency in Middle Tennessee. Our decidedly different approach to in-home care has garnered numerous awards both locally and nationally.

We set ourselves apart in the crowded field of home care by caring for the WHOLE person, Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Our whole-person approach results in happier clients, families, and caregivers; we know this because they return year after year. In fact, we enjoy one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry! If you are looking for the best care, look no further. Talk with us. Speak to one of our team members at (615) 298 - 9201 or fill out our convenient contact form.

Unsure what your loved one’s care needs are? It’s easier than you may think! Our Client Services Coordinator will come out to your house to evaluate your situation and discuss a custom care plan free of charge.

Care is at the Heart of What We Do


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Our Care Plans provide a template that ensures our caregivers know what you want and how you want it done.
Designed by a caring nurse and rooted in holistic principles, your care plan is a living document that changes as your needs change. Our care plans are built to serve you and respect your individual needs, not the bottom line. We love what we do, and our clients love us because they know we are there for them. That's why 30% of our clients have been with us for 6 years or longer.

Our caregivers' retention rate is over 67% in an industry where the normal turnover rate is above 82%.
You can't build the perfect caregiver with manuals and training sessions because you can't fake compassion. Either you have a caregiver's heart, or you don't. We hire for passion and the call to care; then we teach the skills, not the other way around. Our caregivers are loving, compassionate, and respectful professionals that you can feel good about inviting into your home.

Our company is different.
The majority of our employees are caregivers or former caregivers. Let this sink in. We all have a caring perspective born from our own caring experiences. We understand the daily challenges and ups and downs of this career. We are a Nashville-original, built from the ground up by a nurse who knows that people need more than “just a sitter” - they need respect, compassion, and whole-person care.

Respected for Our Outstanding Reputation


We've been in business since 1997 and have an outstanding reputation. Below is a small sampling of the praise we receive on a consistent basis. As a standard operational procedure, we stay in close communication with our clients and ask for honest feedback regularly. We invite you to browse through these testimonials and notice that we have included words of praise from our fantastic caregivers because happy caregivers lead to happy clients.



"My caregiver is very knowledgeable...and she lets us know if there is any small issue or my mom is not in the mood to do something. I live an hour away and I can’t always be there and have the time to get there. It is nice to know that they are there and help my mom when she is having a bad day."
Ms. Palmer

"My experience has been very good…My husband and I are 88 years old, and care means a lot to us. They are here for me and it’s been a good long while, so I almost feel like a member of the family. It means a lot to me."
Dick & Shirley

"We have the very best caregiver ever…for my husband. He is just splendid."

"I share everything…with [my caregiver] like they are one of the family."

"I am 79 years old…and I enjoy conversation. I appreciate that they are educated and that I can actually talk to them. At this point of my life, that is the most important."

"It was physical and emotional help…One of the caregivers became very close to me, and she made me feel so relaxed. I want to see her now, even if I don’t need the services anymore."

Our Resources


Are you a compassionate person looking for your calling?

Find fulfillment, happiness, and success as a WholeCare caregiver and enjoy long-term employment with a premier agency. Set yourself up among colleagues who are striving to be the best.

We are always looking for honest, loyal, kind, hardworking, and caring people. At a time when many are losing their jobs, becoming a caregiver is a great career choice. We provide our caregivers with the ongoing resources and training they need to excel. Our caregivers are former teachers, veterans, and students or parents looking for an additional income. They are real people caring for real people.

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Talk With Us

Talk to one of our WholeCare team members at (615) 298 - 9201 or fill out
our quick contact form to get started on your custom care plan.