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The Benefits Of Seniors Being Creative

Whether it’s singing and dancing, painting, or playing an instrument, engaging in activities that spark our creativity is good for the mind and body. Being creative boosts our self-esteem, stimulates the brain, and can even help us meet new people.

A recent study shows that singing familiar songs helps dementia and Alzheimer’s patients recall memories and emotions. Singing stimulates the dorsolateral frontal cortex of the brain which aids in memory.

Singing encourages seniors to express themselves and socialize with others, and singing promotes positive interactions.

Singing and listening to music releases endorphins, those “feel-good” chemicals. Singing also requires deep breathing which helps relax and relieve stress.

Studies show that art can also stimulate the brain in dementia patients. Like music, art can trigger dormant memories and emotions.

Interaction with art –whether it’s a class or a visit to a museum — encourages conversation, enhancing communication skills. Group art classes can also ease feelings of loneliness and help stave off depression.

Dancing can give seniors a great mind-body workout. Regular exercise is important to keep our bodies healthy. Dance is a great aerobic exercise and can improve your posture and balance, increase flexibility, and strengthen bones and muscles without hurting your joints.

Dancing can also unleash locked-away creativity, build confidence and help you make new friends.

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