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Movies For Seniors, About Seniors

While it’s true most movies these days are targeted at teenaged boys, every now and again a film is released that captures the imagination of more mature audiences. Grab your popcorn and Junior Mints and check out a few of this fall’s hits for seniors, about seniors.

Grandma Starring Lily Tomlin, the movie follows Ellie and her 18-year-old pregnant granddaughter Sage as they embark on a road trip to come to terms with their troubles.

Under the Influence

In this documentary, legendary Rolling Stones founder Keith Richards discusses his “influences over the years.” The doc is available this month on Netflix.

A Walk In the Woods

Based on the 1998 memoir by Bill Bryson, the film stars Robert Redford and Nick Nolte as two men approaching their golden years who decide to hike the Appalachian Trail.

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