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How Caregivers Can Keep Seniors Safe at Home During COVID-19

The WholeCare Mission is to care for the WHOLE person’s body, mind, and spirit. WholeCare is continually working to find new ways to connect, support, and offer holistic care to the seniors and families we serve, such as in-home care.

In-Home Care Is The Best Way To Keep Seniors Safe At Home

We realize that many families need in-home care help right now but they aren’t sure it is the right time to seek it out. We want to assure you that in-home caregiving is a safe option – even during a pandemic.

An In-Home Caregiver Helps Seniors Maintain Physical Distancing Protocols By:

  • Getting the mail.

  • Making sure the pantry is fully stocked by doing the grocery shopping for their client or by helping the client place grocery orders online for pick-up or delivery.

  • Making sure food in the fridge is fresh and helping to prepare healthy meals

  • Keeping an eye on medications. Can the medication be switched to a 90-day supply? Can the medication be mailed to the client? If not, the caregiver can pick it up at the pharmacy.

  • Contacting medical professionals and helping to set up telehealth.

A Professional Caregiver Can Help Seniors Maintain Their Mental And Emotional Health By:

  • Providing companionship

  • Helping seniors get in touch with loved ones – regularly

  • Getting seniors to step outside – even if it’s just the front porch

  • Keeping seniors engaged in hobbies, exercising, letter-writing, and other engaging activities.

A Professional Caregiver Can Help Seniors Maintain Their Physical Health By:

  • Encouraging them to get outside for a bit – even if it is just on the front porch

  • Helping seniors schedule and attend telehealth appointments

  • Guiding seniors through daily physical therapy exercises and/or other exercise routines

  • Preparing meals that maintain health and boost the immune system

A Caregiver Can Also Help Seniors Maintain Their Spiritual Health By:

  • Assisting seniors in attending religious services by helping them stream services online.

  • Helping alleviate fear and anxiety by teaching seniors what the signs of the virus are and helping to monitor their health daily.

  • Knowing if and how to communicate with a Senior about our current situation.

Home Care Tip

The WholeCare mission is caring for the whole person’s Body, Mind, and Spirit. During this unprecedented time, we are reminded of how essential caregivers are in the lives of seniors. If you have any questions or concerns about caregiving – please reach out to us. We want to be a trusted resource for you and your family. Call 615-422-7549 today.

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