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Helpful Conversation Starters: How to Talk About the Need for In-Home Care Support

Have you noticed changes in your loved one? Are you worried they are spending too much time alone? Maybe you are unsure how to talk to your loved one about your concerns for their safety. We know that talking about home care with an elderly loved one, and getting them to agree that they need help is TOUGH. Our Care Professionals have prepared a list of conversation starters to help broach the subject in a subtle, non-confrontational way.

Talking About Home Care: Conversation Starters

Have you noticed your loved one becoming frailer or slower to recover from illnesses? Try this approach:

“I love you, Dad, and now that you live alone, I worry about your safety. I know someone who can help us make the house safer and make it easier for you to get around and remain independent. Can I have her come over to talk with us? It would put my mind at ease.”

Your loved one fell or is having trouble getting up and down:

“Ever since you fell recently, I’ve been worried about it happening again. I know someone who can come and give us tips on making your home safer and preventing falls from happening. I’d love for us to sit down and talk to her and see what tips she has for us.”

It is difficult for them to keep the house or themselves clean:

“I’d love to have someone come a few times a week to help you around the house. Let’s work together to find someone you feel comfortable with. We can work with an agency to find someone who shares similar interests with you. Then you’ll not only have some help from time to time but a friend to chat with as well.”

Their ability to drive has declined, or they have had a recent car accident:

“I know that not being able to drive and get out as much has been hard. If we hire a home care assistant, you could get back to doing all the things that you’ve been missing, like shopping, visiting friends, and running to the store.”

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For many seniors, accepting help at home can feel like giving up independence. You may have to have several conversations before a solution is reached. At Caregivers by WholeCare, we’re here to partner with you to help make life not only safer but more enjoyable and fulfilling for your loved one. Give our Nashville senior care experts a call today at (615) 422-7549 to find out more about how our in-home care services can help your family.

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