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5 Stress-Busting Resolutions for Caregivers

A Caregivers Resolve

A new year is a perfect time to reflect on the special moments of the past year as well as evaluate what is no longer working. Caregivers, you have made such an impact on your loved ones’ lives. It’s your resolve and hard work that has helped your loved one through this crucial time in their lives. Give yourself a hand! You are appreciated!

Did you practice self-care last year? As a caregiver, self-care is crucial. Why? You are what keeps the engine running and the care coming! If you felt/feel overworked, under-appreciated, stressed-out, and burned-out it’s time to make some self-care resolutions that will keep you replenished and ready to CARE.

Self-Care Resolutions For Caregivers

1. Make Time For Yourself Every Day

One simple pleasure a day can help keep the blues at bay. Exercise, cook a healthy meal, listen to music or have a cup of tea, it’s up to you!

2. Stop The Guilt Trip

Caregivers, it’s okay to feel frustrated every now and again. You do not have to take it out on yourselves. You are incredible and make a difference in someone’s life every day!

3. Prioritize

If you’re feeling overwhelmed juggling doctors appointments, groceries, housekeeping and caring for loved ones, decide which tasks you can reasonably accomplish and complete those first.

4. Practice Stress Management Techniques

It’s important to reduce your stress to increase your overall health and well-being. Some great options include aromatherapy, meditation, yoga, and exercise.

5. Cherish Every Moment

This year, try to appreciate every moment you have with your loved ones. Live in happiness and make every moment count!

Caregiving is an honorable and selfless career, though it’s not without its difficulties. If you find that this past year left you anxious, overtaxed, tired, and stressed-out know that Caregivers by WholeCare is here to help alleviate the hardship associated with caregiving.

Happy New Year from Caregivers by WholeCare!

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