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16 Ways to Show Appreciation for a Caregiver

Caregiver appreciation often gets neglected because of “life” and the myriad responsibilities that go with it. That’s why it’s important to make an effort to recognize caregivers who assist with in-home care, elderly care, or any other service, whenever a holiday or special occasion arises.

When choosing a gift for a caregiver keep self-care in mind. Gifts that give them the time to care for themselves, take a break from the day-to-day routine, or save them time are perfect ways to say, “Thank You!”

16 Caregiver Appreciation Gifts That Will Melt Hearts

Monthly Food Clubs

How wonderful to have a box of delicious and healthy ingredients arrive like magic at your door.

A Reminder of the Beautiful Things

Many groceries stores have a discounted flower section each week. Deliver a bouquet along with a set of hands to wash the dishes or fold the clothes.

Book ‘Em

A gift card to a bookstore or coffee shop with a handwritten note that encourages them to take a few hours to relax is the perfect gift for your in-home caregiver.

Meditation & Relaxation

Gifting meditation CDs or even relaxing nature sounds can be enjoyed by caregivers and their charges together.

Spa Gift Basket for Caregivers

Who doesn’t like a nice long bubble bath? Offer to take over for family caregivers who normally handle the in-home care while they relax in the suds. Make it extra special by adding in a manicure or pedicure by you!

Massage Gift Certificate

Sorely tested muscles are a HUGE part of caregiving (whether family or professional) – which involves repeated lifting and support. Give the gift of a therapeutic massage.

Meal Delivery

Whether you make the meals on Sunday and deliver on Monday or hand over a gift card to on-the-spot meal delivery services like Uber Eats, GrubHub, or Door Dash – you will be offering them a break from the daily kitchen grind.

Call in the Professionals

Gift certificates for a home health care agency are a MAGICAL gift for any family caregiver currently providing home care services.

Gas Cards

Professional caregivers use their own gas to travel to and from their client’s homes to provide in-home care, elderly care, and other home care services – a gas card will NEVER go unused. This is a simple way to show a caregiver appreciation.

Office Supplies?

Half of the job of caregiving is an endless stack of forms, information, and paperwork. A binder for keeping records and organizing paperwork will alleviate stress with every doctor visit.

A Journal

Handcrafted journals are a special gift for any caregiver that will allow them to get their feelings out on paper.

The Theater for Two

Cultural events are invigorating and get caregivers out of the house and back into society. Make sure to get two tickets so that a friend can go with them. Bonus Points: Offer to take over caregiving duties for that night.


Caregivers have NO time. Give it to them with gift certificates to a local cleaning service. They’ll gain time for themselves AND a clean house.

Caregiver Cards

Customized cards JUST for the caregiver’s heart (and sense of humor).

Holidays and Special Occasions

Caregivers can sometimes dread holidays and special occasions like birthdays by adding extra work to a day that is simply too full as it is. Give them the gift of hosting and inviting them to show up (no dish necessary).

A Caregiver Shower

Showers are a common occurrence when life transitions into a new phase like marriage or parenthood. Why not a shower for caregivers? All the gifts listed above are perfect gift ideas for any attendee and friends can pool resources for larger gift ideas.

Home Care Tip

Encourage all caregivers – even paid caregiving staff – to take care of themselves. Family and professional caregivers alike will benefit from gifts that keep them feeling appreciated and emotionally healthy.

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