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How Caregivers Can Keep Seniors Connected with Family and Friends While Physically Distancing

t this point, we all have a sense of how isolating physically distancing can be. Unfortunately, seniors, who often live alone, are even more isolated than usual. The role of an in-home caregiver has never been so essential to help stave off loneliness and facilitate family connection.


It’s no surprise many families are using virtual means to stay connected. Sadly, many seniors don’t have enough experience navigating these modes of communication. A caregiver from WholeCare is a great option to help your loved one keep in touch with friends and family. Explore our suggestions below for staying connected while physically distant.


Regular Phone Calls

The same time on the same schedule gives a senior something to look forward to each day. Video calls are even better! Share smiles and laughs.

Watch TV Shows Together On-Line

Netflix has launched a new feature called Netflix Party that allows Chrome users to host private watch parties via an invitation URL. You can even chat while watching!

Play Games Together Virtually

With phone apps like House Party, you can talk as well as play in-app games together like Heads Up, Trivia, and Quick Draw. Check out this link with many other games that can be played as a group virtually as well as other virtual gathering ideas.

Home Care Tip

The WholeCare purpose is to care for people’s Body, Mind, and Spirit by providing exceptional caregiving for our clients while engaging and enriching their lives. Helping our clients and their families find new ways to connect and stay active during this time of upheaval is important. If you have any questions about our caregiving service – please reach out to us. We want to be a trusted resource for you and your family. Call 615-422-7549

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