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Five Free Labor Day Activities for Seniors and Their Families

The long holiday weekend offers an opportunity for multigenerational families to spend some quality time together. Whether it’s sitting down for a meal or soaking up the last of the summer sun, these experiences can have lasting positive emotional and physical benefits for both young and old.

Cook a holiday meal together. Assign each member of the family a specific dish to create and be sure to include tasks for even the youngest chefs in your crew. Check out the Food Network for a list of delicious end-of-summer recipes.

Volunteer at a food bank or shelter. A family that gives back together stays together. The United Way in your county can provide you with a list of family-friendly volunteer opportunities.

Make a family scrapbook. Whether in a photo album or a digital album online, photos help preserve memories for seniors and can bridge the gap between generations. Ask everyone in your family to contribute five of their favorite photos to the scrapbook, then sit back and watch the family bonding happen.

Pack up the car and take a road trip. You needn’t go far to feel the effects of spending a few hours away from home. Take a picnic lunch to a local park or a leisurely stroll or bike ride on one of the city’s many trails and greenways. Many state and federal parks and museums also offer free admission on holiday weekends.

Show off your green thumbs. Spend the morning planting autumn annuals. Harvest vegetables and herbs from the garden and freeze them for later use. Start a nature journal and spend the afternoon trying to identify the different trees, plants, and flowers in your neighborhood.

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