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Always On Duty

What looks like a smartwatch is actually a sophisticated and powerful supportive caregiving technology. Our Electronic Caregiver System is perfect for you if you are looking for an affordable health self-monitoring solution, bringing seniors and their families peace of mind.

Our Electronic Caregiver can even replace the need for a senior companion or complement a daily caregiver. The independence that seniors can enjoy when they sign up leads to an added level of confidence for themselves and their loved ones.

WholeCare offers Electronic CaregiverTM services on a subscription basis for clients starting at $49 per month and is covered by most Medicare plans. Depending on your needs, there are different service levels available.

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Concerned about fall prevention and personal safety?
Rapid Response Monitoring provides 24/7 protective services with a stay-on-the-line feature during emergencies and certified emergency medical dispatchers.

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Unable to travel to see a doctor?
pocketMDTM to be a critical resource. Our water-resistant wrist pendant pocketMDTM offers a 24/7 physician on-demand to assess and respond to common ailments. Our on-demand physicians have the ability to send a prescription to a pharmacy at the click of a button.

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Have a chronic condition that requires daily monitoring?
Addison Care measures vitals, detects fall risk, provides comprehensive interactive support for rehab, medication management, and nutrition support. It is a voice-activated, tablet-based virtual caregiving system.

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Want to avoid moving into a long-term care facility?
Are you worried your loved one may have an accident that leaves them suffering alone for hours? FamilyCare App sends and receives important notifications and monitors a client’s vitals that can be shared with family members—no more anxious sleepless nights.

The Electronic Caregiver System is the convenient on-demand protection and peace of mind you have been searching for. Call us today to discuss how the Electronic Caregiver System can bring you peace of mind.

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