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Elevating the Standard of Care

WholeCare was born in the heart of a loving and passionate nurse who saw first-hand how the cookie-cutter approach to caring in the medical industry was not enough. Our founder Elizabeth Moss’ training, experience, and devotion to caring for others led her to a better approach. Caregiving that truly sees the WHOLE person - by caring for Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Since the inception of WholeCare, the goal has been to elevate the standard of caregiving in the industry and we have worked very hard to achieve that in our 25+ year history. We have a rigorous hiring process and have actual employees—not contractors—who engage and enrich the lives of our clients.

We provide compassionate care for our clients and serve them with dignity and respect, while tailoring our care plans to all aspects of each individual, body, mind and spirit. We partner with our clients to provide the right level of care they need when they need it.


Living Our Core Values

An essential component to fulfilling the Caregivers by WholeCare purpose is to embody our core values consistently in every home we are invited into. You can expect our caregivers to:

Have a Selfless Heart.

Have a Selfless Heart
The smallest acts of caring and compassion have a ripple effect of positivity that reverberates throughout our communities. A selfless heart is one way we can each make the world a better place.

Have a Selfless Heart.

Commit to the Journey
We ask our caregivers to commit to their clients’ journey to show up every day ready to take that next step with them. Because it is in the journey, not the outcome, that joy resides.


Meet People Where They Are
Our vocation is serving others. As Caregivers, we are called to offer our clients what they need, when they need it, by connecting in a way that is effective for them.


Trust is essential to building a thriving community of care. We achieve this by committing to being both transparent and forthcoming in our communications.

OUR Promise

Delivering The WholeCare Difference


Our unique approach to caregiving is why Nashville doctors and long-time community members turn to us when they need caregiving help for their own families. Every person we serve receives a personalized care plan that supports their goals and vision for living their best life each day.

Here are some of the ways we deliver The WholeCare Difference:


  • Available 24/7
    We do not use an answering service. You will speak with a care professional that knows you and your loved one.
  • Personalized Care Plans
    We coordinate with clients, families, and medical professionals to create a care plan that accomplishes our clients’ goals and desires. We also factor in support networks (friends, church/spiritual, groups/clubs, etc.)
  • Match Making
    We work diligently to make a good match between our caregivers and our clients.
  • Quality Assurance Visits
    Our Family Care Coordinator visits clients at least once (sometimes more) every quarter for a review and a reassessment. A report from the visit is shared with our team and is also used in training and improving care.
  • Proactive Communication
    We stay in touch with family members about their loved ones’ care plan, offering updates based on their changing needs and their caregivers’ input.
  • Consistent Standards
    WholeCare caregivers are the best in the business and are employees, not independent contractors.
  • Local Community Pride
    Locally owned, with the highest level of client and community responsibility in the market, we go out of our way to help our clients remain social and active.
  • Resources Booklet
    We provide you with a Caring and Sharing Guide, a booklet filled with essential resources, assessments for yourself or your loved one, and local companies to help you or anyone navigating the need for caregiving support.

Talk to one of our Whole Care team members at (615) 235-0517 or fill out our quick contact form to get started on your custom care plan.


We Are Advocates For Seniors


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Talk to one of our WholeCare team members at (615) 298 - 9201 or fill out
our quick contact form to get started on your custom care plan.